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Former Cairns childcare director sentenced for filming and taking photos of naked boys

A FORMER Cairns childcare director has been released on a wholly suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to filming and taking photos of two naked five year old boys.

Daniel Patrick Maher had met one of the boys through his work in childcare. This boy then formed a friendship with a boy, who was the adopted son of the two men that Maher lived with.

The Cairns District Court was told those two men had been sentenced to substantial jail terms in the United States for offending involving children.

Crown prosecutor Brendan Manttan said that in early 2011, police seized electronic equipment from their Kewarra Beach home. Due to the sophisticated encryption used, the film and images weren’t discovered until 2013.

The court was told Maher was arrested and charged the day after he had been sentenced for commonwealth offending that involved sending images and videos of young boys aged five to eight years to a man in the United States.

Defence barrister Josh Trevino told the court his client had undergone significant rehabilitation since being sentenced over these matters including psychotherapy.

The court was told Maher had been unable to reconcile his homosexuality with his religious beliefs. A report described Maher as extremely naive.

Judge Brian Harrison, in summing up, said Maher had wanted to impress the man in the United States as well as the male couple he resided with.

Because Maher had already served a little under four months jail while awaiting sentence, Judge Harrison said he saw little point in sending him back to jail and that it was more important his rehabilitation continued.

Former Cairns childcare centre manager and friend of notorious pedophiles pleads guilty to child porn charges

  • Vanda Carson
  • The Courier-Mail
  • November 22, 2014 4:45AM

THE former manager of a Cairns childcare centre who lived with two of the nation’s most notorious pedophiles faces jail for child porn.

Daniel Patrick Maher, 30, lived with Cairns couple Peter Truong and Mark Newton in the months before they were charged in the US with sexually exploiting their “adopted” son by allowing pedophiles to molest him when he was aged between two and six.

In the Brisbane District Court yesterday, Maher pleaded guilty to sending 13 pornographic photos of children aged as young as five to a Texas sex offender who was in a depraved abuse network.

At the time, Maher sent the photos to Mark Lawless, 35, from Texas, he knew his housemates Truong and Newton were facing charges of trafficking their son to the pedophile network.

Lawless was a friend of Truong and Newton and was allowed to abuse their young son, whom they bought from Russia in 2005 for $8000.

Maher was working at the Penguin Childcare Centre in Cairns North when he sent the explicit photos and made Skype calls to Lawless to discuss them.

He also sent photos of two naked young boys to Lawless.

Maher’s barrister Lincoln Crowley told the court that Maher was living in the northern NSW town of Grafton when he met Truong and Newton online through the photo sharing service Flickr and they invited him to live with him.

Maher “idolised” Truong and Newton because they were “a gay couple who were successful, they had an adopted son and a relationship that Maher would never be able to obtain”, Mr Crowley said.

In the months before his arrest in Victoria in October last year, Maher was working as a director of Essendon Fields Kinder Haven.

After his arrest, he took part in an indigenous job program with Coles supermarkets.

Newton was sentenced by a US court to 40 years for his sex abuse, while Truong is serving 30 years.

Maher was charged after US authorities gave evidence to Queensland police.

Maher will be sentenced by Judge Michael Burnett on Wednesday.


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Men walk free over child porn charges

JASON SCHWAB  |  December 11th, 2010

A TOWNSVILLE man who distributed a graphic tutorial over the internet describing how to sexually abuse young children will walk free in just three months after being sentenced yesterday.

Timothy Hinspeter, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of distributing and three counts of possessing child exploitation material.

On November 18, 2007, police discovered Hinspeter was circulating an explicit pictorial tutorial via a peer-to-peer file sharing site.

The four-minute guide detailed how to sexually assault girls from infancy through to 13 years of age.

Explicit instructions about different objects that could be used while performing illegal acts were provided.

It also specified ideal times to carry out such offences to ensure a spouse would not discover what was going on.

The file displayed 39 images of young girls.

Hinspeter was arrested on March 5, 2008, after a raid at his home. In addition to the tutorial, police seized his laptop and numerous hard drives, which contained 42 child porn videos, some as long as 45 minutes. They depicted as many as three young children being molested by men.

In handing down his sentence, Judge John Baulch SC told Hinspeter: “There is no indication the nature of the offence shocked you or caused you to reconsider or stop what you were doing.”

Hinspeter was given 18 months’ jail for the distribution charge, to be wholly suspended after just three months. He will then be subject to two years’ probation.

Meanwhile, two other Townsville men also charged as part of Taskforce Argos a Queensland Police investigation targeting the illegal accessing and downloading of child pornography have pleaded guilty and walked from court.

Ashley Kenneth Kearns, 48, and Peter Andrew Morgan, 42, both appeared this week in the Townsville District Court.

Judge John Baulch SC said the pair, who were regular visitors to pornographic websites that offer illicit images and videos of underage children, was involved in a “disgusting trade”.

Kearns, an ex-employee of Ergon Energy, faced 22 charges.

He also appeared on 21 commonwealth charges of using a carriage service, namely the internet, to download child pornography material.

He was given two wholly suspended sentences 18 months in jail for the Commonwealth offences and ordered to pay $2000 recognisance, while he was given six months’ imprisonment for the state charge.

Morgan, a fitter and turner, was charged with two state counts of possessing child exploitation material .

He was given a nine-month jail sentence wholly suspended.


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Cobden farmer caught with child porn images

8/10/2008 10:37:00 PM

A COBDEN dairy farmer and father of three has indicated he will plead guilty to possessing child pornography.

Stephen Hussey, 31, of Clarke Street, came to the attention of Queensland police in January when 70 images known to contain child pornography were detected on his computer.

Warrnambool Magistrates Court yesterday heard the covert police taskforce identified the 14 video files and 56 still images through LimeWire.

The file-sharing program allows users all over the world to access files stored on other users’ computers.

Mr Hussey’s home was raided by Colac police on May 18 and his computer and an external hard drive were seized.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Paul Harris said Mr Hussey admitted possessing the files which included images of naked children in sexually suggestive poses and performing sexual acts.

Mr Hussey admitted he had a problem with young children, which tended to get worse during times of stress, Senior Constable Harris said.

A police assessment of the computer hard drive showed the images had been downloaded in the previous four years and viewed regularly.

But Mr Hussey’s defence counsel, John Werner, said his client believed he had deleted the files some years ago but that he “didn’t do a very good job of it”.

Mr Hussey ran a large dairy share farm near Cobden, Mr Werner said.

While Mr Hussey had three children with his partner, who was in court, the children had been removed and now lived with their grandmother in NSW.

Magistrate Ron Saines said the images were of a “grossly offensive and objectionable nature” and involved children of a “very, very young age”.

He said Mr Hussey’s sentence would most likely exclude a term of imprisonment but would involve an intensive corrections order and his listing on a sexual offenders’ register.

Mr Hussey’s bail was extended on the condition he report twice a week to Colac police station and stay 100 metres away from schools, kindergartens and playgrounds.

A psychiatric report will be prepared ahead of a further hearing on November 27.



Dickeson has walked from Gympie District Court, after a judge referred to limitations on his sentencing power.

Dickeson, 43, had been diagnosed as socially inept and fantasy ridden and also had multiple personality disorder, Judge Long noted in his sentencing remarks.

He was being dealt with after he pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent treatment of a boy, 12, by photographing him with Dickeson’s partly undressed then partner, former Gympie nurse Kaja Francesca Drake.

Dickeson also pleaded guilty to possessing a substantial collection of child pornography, 12 charges of failing to report contact with children as required by a court order and two of breaching a young girl’s privacy by making secret recordings of her.

He ordered Dickeson be on probation for three years, with another sentence of three-and-a-half years suspended to hang over his head for five years.



Dickeson has been sentenced to jail for failing to comply with his reporting conditions. He had befriended four children when he moved to the Gympie area & used text, Snapchat, online gaming & Facebook to communicate with them. He will be released on April 8, 2016.

Qld paedophile’s sentence upheld

March 17, 2004 – 5:05PM

A paedophile’s 10 year jail term for molesting two young sisters was upheld despite Queensland’s Court of Appeal conceding his home videos of the sexual abuse were “stomach turning”.

Andrew Mark Hugh Dickeson, 29, was ordered to complete eight years of the 10 year sentence before being eligible to apply for parole when he was sentenced in the District Court in Brisbane last December.

Dickeson, a computer installer for Queensland Police, pleaded guilty to four charges including two of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child.

He had a brief relationship with the two mothers of the three girls before sexually abusing the daughters aged six to eight.

Dickeson had a sexual relationship with one of the eight year olds.

The abuse only came to light because it was recorded on video and concealed on Dickeson’s computer.

Court of Appeal President Margaret McMurdo said the videotapes Dickeson took of his sex romps with the girls while he was babysitting them were “stomach turning”.

They included the girls performing in a seductive manner, doing a strip tease and rubbing oil into each other before wrestling naked.

Director of Public Prosecutions Leanne Clare had asked for a 15 year jail term.

The Court of Appeal also dismissed an application by Dickeson’s legal team to cut the sentence to eight and a half years.

Former police service employee jailed for 10 years

December 2, 2003 – 3:41PM

A Queensland police service employee has been jailed for 10 years for sexually abusing and making shocking videos of sisters aged eight and six.

Andrew Mark Hugh Dickeson, 29, was obsessed with young girls and had 800 photos he had taken in public places of children stored on his computer.

He had brief sexual relationships with two mothers of three girls before sexually abusing the daughters, and having penetrative sex with the eight-year-old.

Dickeson, a computer installer, pleaded guilty in the District Court in Brisbane to two counts of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child and one count each of indecent treatment and possessing child abuse computer games between January and October last year.

In sentencing Dickeson, Judge Julie Dick said he had lavished attention on the children and seduced them without resorting to threats or violence.

“This was a case of cold and calculated seduction of these children into debauchery,” Judge Dick said.

She said Dickeson still had little understanding of the damage he had done to the children, with the two sisters, aged eight and six, suffering appalling consequences.


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RSPCA inspector pleads guilty to having child porn images

Article from:  Courier – Mail

Tony Keim

May 12, 2009 12:00am

A SENIOR RSPCA inspector used a work-issued computer to access child pornography on the internet, a court has been told.

The Brisbane District Court has been told Kyle Terence Chaplin used his RSPCA laptop to download 137 images over an eight-month period in 2007. One of the images showed a child being raped.

The court was told Chaplin, at the time of his arrest, was also a highly placed Surf Life Saving Queensland volunteer and the holder of a “blue card” which allowed him to train and rescue children.

Lawyers for Chaplin said he resigned from his 14-year role with the RSPCA when arrested in late 2007, while police took possession of his blue card, putting an end to his voluntary life saving.

Chaplin, 42, was last week sentenced to a 12-month wholly suspended prison term, 18 months’ probation and a $1000 good behaviour bond after pleading guilty to using the internet to access child pornography.

The offence, which is a crime under Federal Government laws, carries a maximum penalty of 10 years’ jail and a $66,000 fine.

Commonwealth prosecutor Rebecca Bellamy said Austrian police tipped off Australian Federal Police about the Chaplin’s computer accessing child pornography on a website they had been monitoring.

Ms Bellamy said both AFP and Queensland police officers then searched Chaplin’s house and seized his RSPCA-issued laptop.

The court was told forensic testing of the computer revealed as many as 215 images of pornography featuring “toddler to teenage” aged girls had been accessed.

But only 137 images of child pornography could be retrieved from the computer’s hard drive and viewed.

Ms Bellamy said Chaplin told police the images must have been accidentally viewed while he used his work computer to surf the internet for adult pornography.

But the court heard police found evidence that Chaplin had not only clicked on sites to view the child pornography, he also magnified specific images to get a clearer look at the material.

Ms Bellamy said it was commonly accepted up to 89 per cent of child pornography in Australia was obtained over the internet.

Barrister Kate Greenwood, for Chaplin, said her client first accessed child pornography around the time a study was published that gave some insight into people who abused animals.

Ms Greenwood said the academic study asserted that people who abused animals were also far more likely to abuse children.

Judge John Robertson, in sentencing Chaplin, said the availability and downloading of child pornography across the globe was an increasing and horrendous problem.

“Some of the images (on Chaplin’s computer) involve actual sexual (abuse) of actual children somewhere in the world,” he said.


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Jason Mark Brook

Posted: October 20, 2012 by Serendipity in Location, Registered Sex Offender, Tasmania
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Man jailed over child porn

Posted May 03, 2012 08:43:47

A Tasmanian man who used a Queensland-based child pornography website to access thousands of images and movies of young children will spend at least six months in jail.

Jason Mark Brook was found guilty of possessing almost 134,000 still images and 119 movies of child exploitation material.

The Supreme Court heard Brook had been arrested as a result of a tip-off from Queensland police.

Brook’s lawyer told the court the 42-year-old had no sexual interest in children but Chief Justice Ewan Crawford said given the volume of the material involved he could not accept that.

He sentenced Brook to nine months jail, the last three months suspended on condition he be of good behaviour for two years.

Brook will also be added to the sex offenders register for three years.

‘Children didn’t interest man’


25 Apr, 2012 12:00 AM

A PORT Sorell man was caught with 133,917 child exploitation images and 118 movies depicting children as young as five.

His lawyer yesterday told a judge Jason Mark Brook had told him he had no sexual interest in children.

Chief Justice Ewan Crawford said he could not believe Brook would have so many images if he had no interest in children.

Brook yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child exploitation material.

He was caught after a Queensland police operation identified and busted a website that involved posting and sharing such material.

It had areas with titles including “boy jailbait” and “girl jailbait”, Crown prosecutor Heather Mannering said in the Supreme Court, in Burnie.

As part of its operation, Queensland police discovered who had provided content or comments on the site.

Brook’s home was searched in 2010 and police seized a computer tower, laptop and two external hard drives, and confirmed the images existed.

Greg Richardson, for Brook, said his client had told him he struggled to understand why it had happened.

Mr Richardson said the images were not at the top end of the scale (of how the seriousness of such material is rated) and the computer had also contained a “good deal” of adult pornography.

“It’s still children …,” Justice Crawford said.

Mr Richardson said his client was extremely remorseful.

He said the images he and Miss Mannering had seen involved children putting themselves on webcams.

He said the law was largely aimed at preventing the exploitation of children, but “these are children putting themselves out there”.

“Putting themselves in front of a camera is something they’ve chosen to do,” he said, contrasting it with instances of people exploiting children for profit.

“Apparently in the new world, it’s what people do.”

“Adults do it, apparently.”

Mr Richardson said the court could be satisfied his client would not offend in that way again.

“He’s got 140,000 images of children,” the judge replied.

Miss Mannering said she accepted the images she had seen involved children “playing up to what appears to be a webcam”.

“It doesn’t appear they are being directed, they are doing it willingly.”

She estimated 20-30% of the images in question were not child pornography as such, with the children clothed.

The court heard Brook had no relevant legal history.

Justice Crawford remanded Brook in custody for sentencing on May 2.


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