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Jail for use of social media

Sept. 6, 2014, midnight

A SOUTH Albury man on the NSW Child Protection Register created an email address and personal Facebook page contrary to restrictions imposed on him and tried to hide them from police, a court was told yesterday.

Andrew Joseph Pollard was put on the register because of a sexual assault conviction in 2006.

He was released from custody in March on strict parole conditions.

Later Pollard, who has an intellectual disability, provided police with updated phone contact details and said he had no internet registration or social site information to disclose.

But his email address and Facebook page were created on May 6.

There were numerous discussions with an Albury detective between March 9 and July 5 and Pollard denied any internet usage.

Police became aware a page had been created by him with a Sydney address.

Officers spoke to him on July 5 and he denied using Facebook, but evidence was found on his mobile phones.

Pollard, 46, of Abercorn Street, pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court yesterday to a charge of failing to comply with reporting conditions.

Solicitor Joy Kirby said Pollard’s parole was revoked on July 25 and his earliest release date is now June 24, 2016.

Ms Kirby said his family lives in Queensland and he wanted to com-municate with them.

“There is no suggestion that he was using his Facebook inappropriately,” Ms Kirby said.

She said the regulations involved with being on the register are quite cumbersome and Pollard claimed that he did not fully understand them.

“The consequences of this breach are already being felt by him,” Ms Kirby said.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood said Pollard was required to notify police of any change with his circumstances.

“This was a situation where you just did not comply,” she said.

Ms Greenwood said Pollard has a poor criminal record with a number of serious sex offences.

She imposed a three-month jail term to expire on December 4.