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Warrnambool’s Victor Campbell fined after breaching obligations of sex offenders’ register


22 Aug 2016, 1:18 p.m.

A music industry consultant has been fined $400 after breaching regulations of being on the sex offenders’ register.

Victor Campbell, 66, of Thomas Place in Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in Warrnambool Magistrates Court to being a sex offender engaged in child-related employment.

Magistrate John Lesser told Campbell the sex offenders’ register involved strict requirements and he had breached them.

Mr Lesser convicted and fined Campbell $400 but warned him the matter would become more serious if he returned to court.

Police said Campbell was placed on the sex offenders’ register for eight years after appearing in court in 2009.

He had the many obligations of being on the register explained to him in May last year during a review including that he had to report any contact with children.

The court heard that Campbell provided tuition across three sessions to a teenage girl.

The sessions occurred between August 25 and November 12 last year at the girl’s house while her parents were at home.

The girl and Campbell were in a room alone during the tuition.

Campbell said in a police interview he now better understood the obligations of the register and it never occurred to him that he was breaching the rules.

Defence counsel Matt Senia said the girl’s father contacted Campbell about providing tuition. He said nothing happened between Campbell and the girl.

Mr Senia said Campbell had experienced success within his career.

He worked as a youth guidance officer for a number of years and in 1987 had his own Christian music program on ABC radio.

He then worked in the United States and one artist under his guidance won a Grammy award. In 1999 he returned to teaching but in 2008 was involved in an incident with a teenage girl he was counselling.

Mr Senia said his client made a “terrible error of judgement” which led to him being placed on the register.

“That was the end of his teaching career,” Mr Senia said.

Campbell moved to Warrnambool 18 months ago to be closer to his daughter and his grandchildren.

As well as being involved in Warrnambool’s Aus Music Festival committee in the past, Campbell has been a music industry consultant.







Father who planned to make child pornography after daughter’s birth jailed

Updated 24 Jun 2016, 11:56am

A Brisbane father has been jailed for a minimum of two-and-a-half years after he sent ultrasound images of his unborn daughter to an undercover officer to show he intended to make child pornography when she was born.

Last week, the 25-year-old man pleaded guilty in Brisbane’s District Court to possessing child exploitation material and using a carriage service to access child pornography material.

The court heard the father was arrested in January 2015 by Australian Federal Police officers after a tip-off from the FBI in the United States.

The man sent an ultrasound of his unborn child and 12 images of child pornography to an undercover officer, saying he intended to make his own child pornography with his daughter.

Police found the man in possession of 6,435 images and videos of child exploitation material across three devices.

Some were of cartoons, but thousands were of actual children and babies.

The court had previously heard many of the children were showing signs of distress and pain.

Offender’s statements a ‘sign of moral corruption’

District Court Judge David Reid said it was the worst case of child exploitation material he had ever seen.

In sentencing, Judge Reid said the sending of the ultrasound image was not an offence but showed a “gross lack of insight”.

“The fact you were prepared to make such statements is a sign of the extent of your moral corruption and your lack of insight into the nature of child abuse,” he said.

He said the downloading and storing of the material was done so in a “sophisticated” way in different folders.

Judge Reid told the man that what he had described as his stated intentions with his daughter were “vile, explicit and specific”.

He said he was provided a sample of the material found on the devices owned by the man.

“The material you viewed, possessed and transmitted would be seen to be revolting and upsetting to normal people,” he said.

Judge Reid sentenced the man to five years’ jail, with a non-parole period of two-and-a-half years.






Alistair Cato pleaded guilty to accessing child porn through carriage service at a Melbourne County Court before judge Michael McInerney on Monday and will be sentenced on February 3.

No jail for child porn

Aug. 6, 2007, 1:17 p.m.

A BALLARAT man caught in possession of child pornography during an international operation was spared a jail sentence yesterday.
Alistair Cato of Redan received a two-year community based order and will also be listed on the sex offenders registry for 15 years.
The 29-year-old who suffers from a mental illness was arrested after emailed exchanges with a covert police operation in the United States.
Cato was detected after creating a number of postings on an Internet news group site devoted to child sex and paedophile interests.
A police search at his home in November revealed 22 computer images of primary school-aged girls in sexual activity with adult men.
His Internet browser also revealed an extensive history of child pornography.
Defence counsel Helen Spowart told the Ballarat Magistrates Court on June 18 that Cato suffered paranoid schizophrenia and was depressed at the time and was remorseful.
His mother also described Cato as “still very much a child” and said he was no longer allowed Internet access.
Cato pleaded guilty to knowingly possessing child pornography and using an online information service to publish child pornography.
Magistrate Bernard Coburn said the charges were serious, but Cato was not at risk of reoffending.
He said Cato was not a fit subject for general deterrence and still lived in supported accommodation while relying on Centrelink for financial support.


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Former Cairns childcare director sentenced for filming and taking photos of naked boys

A FORMER Cairns childcare director has been released on a wholly suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to filming and taking photos of two naked five year old boys.

Daniel Patrick Maher had met one of the boys through his work in childcare. This boy then formed a friendship with a boy, who was the adopted son of the two men that Maher lived with.

The Cairns District Court was told those two men had been sentenced to substantial jail terms in the United States for offending involving children.

Crown prosecutor Brendan Manttan said that in early 2011, police seized electronic equipment from their Kewarra Beach home. Due to the sophisticated encryption used, the film and images weren’t discovered until 2013.

The court was told Maher was arrested and charged the day after he had been sentenced for commonwealth offending that involved sending images and videos of young boys aged five to eight years to a man in the United States.

Defence barrister Josh Trevino told the court his client had undergone significant rehabilitation since being sentenced over these matters including psychotherapy.

The court was told Maher had been unable to reconcile his homosexuality with his religious beliefs. A report described Maher as extremely naive.

Judge Brian Harrison, in summing up, said Maher had wanted to impress the man in the United States as well as the male couple he resided with.

Because Maher had already served a little under four months jail while awaiting sentence, Judge Harrison said he saw little point in sending him back to jail and that it was more important his rehabilitation continued.

Former Cairns childcare centre manager and friend of notorious pedophiles pleads guilty to child porn charges

  • Vanda Carson
  • The Courier-Mail
  • November 22, 2014 4:45AM

THE former manager of a Cairns childcare centre who lived with two of the nation’s most notorious pedophiles faces jail for child porn.

Daniel Patrick Maher, 30, lived with Cairns couple Peter Truong and Mark Newton in the months before they were charged in the US with sexually exploiting their “adopted” son by allowing pedophiles to molest him when he was aged between two and six.

In the Brisbane District Court yesterday, Maher pleaded guilty to sending 13 pornographic photos of children aged as young as five to a Texas sex offender who was in a depraved abuse network.

At the time, Maher sent the photos to Mark Lawless, 35, from Texas, he knew his housemates Truong and Newton were facing charges of trafficking their son to the pedophile network.

Lawless was a friend of Truong and Newton and was allowed to abuse their young son, whom they bought from Russia in 2005 for $8000.

Maher was working at the Penguin Childcare Centre in Cairns North when he sent the explicit photos and made Skype calls to Lawless to discuss them.

He also sent photos of two naked young boys to Lawless.

Maher’s barrister Lincoln Crowley told the court that Maher was living in the northern NSW town of Grafton when he met Truong and Newton online through the photo sharing service Flickr and they invited him to live with him.

Maher “idolised” Truong and Newton because they were “a gay couple who were successful, they had an adopted son and a relationship that Maher would never be able to obtain”, Mr Crowley said.

In the months before his arrest in Victoria in October last year, Maher was working as a director of Essendon Fields Kinder Haven.

After his arrest, he took part in an indigenous job program with Coles supermarkets.

Newton was sentenced by a US court to 40 years for his sex abuse, while Truong is serving 30 years.

Maher was charged after US authorities gave evidence to Queensland police.

Maher will be sentenced by Judge Michael Burnett on Wednesday.


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Travis Terance Gale

Posted: April 27, 2014 by Serendipity in Western Australia
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WA ‘loner’ jailed for child porn offences

  • AAP
  • February 14, 2013 8:15PM

AN “emotionally unstable” and “sexually confused” man who stored and shared thousands of images and hundreds of videos of child pornography has been sentenced to more than four years in jail.

Travis Terance Gale, 26, pleaded guilty to a string of offences including possessing and producing child exploitation material, and using a carriage service to make child pornography available.

The Perth District Court heard on Thursday that Gale collected hardcore child pornography over several years, including more than 4500 images and more than 450 videos.

He also sent 21 images to an undercover FBI agent in the United States.

Judge Philip McCann rejected the suggestion Gale was not aroused by the images but accepted there was a degree of addiction and helplessness on his part.

“There was quite a high number of videos compared to most cases that come before the court,” he noted.

“Videos are more serious than still photographs, although not for the victims, I stress, because they are more powerful representations of the depravity involved and they are more apt to both arouse and corrupt the viewer and create a market or motive for others to abuse children.

“Videos also more powerfully and vividly publish the child’s degradation and humiliation.”

The judge said that while no one had counted the number of victims, there were believed to have been hundreds.

The court heard Gale also secretly filmed a juvenile acquaintance while he was naked in his bedroom, which Judge McCann described as a breach of trust.

“The victim and his parents are very upset, ashamed and humiliated by what occurred,” he said.

“The victim now has significant trust and emotional problems and is extremely unsettled by this offending.”

Judge McCann said Gale was a loner with limited life skills and experience.

He accepted Gale was remorseful and did not have prior convictions but said the offending was chronic and not a one-off error of judgment.

He said Gale was immature, emotionally unstable and confused about sexual matters.

“I find that you’re a high risk of reoffending unless a number of protective factors are put in place and sex offender treatment is successfully completed,” Judge McCann said.

Combining the federal and state offences, Gale was sentenced to four years and five months imprisonment, backdated to October last year when he was taken into custody.

He must serve a minimum of two years and four months before being eligible for parole.


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Internet child porn king jailed for four years

August 30 2002

A man who ran an international child porn club and had the biggest collection of computer child porn images ever detected in Australia was jailed for four years today.

Robert Stephen Keating, 43, a boilermaker, of Walkerston, 15km west of Mackay in northern Queensland, pleaded guilty in the Mackay District Court today to eight child pornography related counts.

The court was told Keating had 226,500 porn images on his computer. More than 180,000 of those were child abuse material while the remainder was adult pornography.

The previous Australian record for computerised child pornography was 140,000 images.

Keating operated an international porn club which had 184 members.

Local police raided his home after a tip-off from police based in the United States.

District Court Judge Brian Hoath sentenced Keating to four years’ jail.

The maximum sentence for the offences was three years but Judge Hoath added an extra year because some of the charges related to Keating reoffending while on bail.

He has already served 221 days in prison on remand.



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