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Troy Ronald Walker sentenced to at least 10 years’ jail for child sex offences


1 Feb 2016, 6:51 p.m.

TROY Ronald Walker was a Bible-loving, God-fearing Christian who impressed fellow churchgoers with his passion for helping troubled youths.

He will spend at least 10 years in jail after convictions for sexually abusing young people for more than two decades, including inciting a teenage boy to have sex with a 14-year-old girl while he photographed them.

Walker, 45, was convicted of offences against six young people in the Lake Macquarie area after he used his associations with the Salvation Army and an evangelical Christian church to gain access to children through their families.

A woman sobbed in Sydney Downing Centre Court on Monday as Judge Peter Zahra told how Walker had sexual intercourse with her after meeting the girl’s mother at Bible study. He offered to counsel the girl because she kept running away from home. The court heard the girl was sexually abused by her father.

The girl believed she was “the bad one” and blamed herself because “I was always told people who go to church are good people”, she said in a victim’s impact statement. After sexual abuse by her father and Walker she believed that she was “placed on earth for men to have sex with me”.

Walker sexually abused a brother and sister after their parents separated and the mother sought help in Bible study. Walker photographed the girl, 14, and a teenage boy after inciting them to commit a sexual act.

The court heard Walker forcibly sexually assaulted a girl, 13, in her bedroom as her parents were on a “welfare run” for the Salvation Army. Walker’s offending did not end until late 2013 when he was arrested and charged with offences against a boy.

Walker was guilty of “an insidious persistence of predatory sexual assault against young children with a disregard for the impact on his child victims”, Judge Zahra said.

“The trust placed in him was founded on his association with the Salvation Army and church and Bible groups. He took advantage of that trust to gratify his sexual attraction to children.”

The court heard Walker, who worked at hospitals in the Newcastle area and as an administrative assistant at a university, received character references from the Salvation Army and the university.

Walker pleaded guilty to offences against two children, but denied offences against other victims.

Judge Zahra noted reports saying Walker “appears to have no insight into the gravity of his offending” and showed no contrition.

Walker received a maximum sentence of 13 years’ jail. His earliest release date is April 2024.


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Police find porn

10 May 11 @ 06:00am by Jon Andrews

A FORMER university worker being investigated for fraud was found with child porn images on his computer.

Martin Karklins pleaded guilty to charges of obtaining property by deception and possessing child pornography at Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court on April 28.

The 47-year-old Mt Waverley man will serve a 12-month intensive corrections order and has to pay $1700 in compensation.

Police prosecutor Leading Sen-Constable Adrian Hale said while Karklins was working in performance arts at Monash University he benefited by organising products to be bought from his own theatrical supplies company.

When police executed a search warrant on his home in October last year, they found the illegal images on a laptop computer.

“He made admissions to knowingly viewing child pornography,” Sen-Constable Hale said.

“They were 11 and 12 year-old girls; there were videos, a story and pictures. He said were there for personal gratification.”

Defence solicitor Andrew De Kretser said there were no excuses for Karklins’ conduct, but he didn’t deliberately seek out the pornographic material.

“There was alcohol consumption at the time of offending (and) he has shown real remorse from the outset,” he said.

Magistrate Thomas Barrett convicted Karklins, and ordered him to serve an intensive corrections order for a year.

It means he must do unpaid community work, adhere to a curfew and report to police. He also has to repay the university.


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Ex-navy serviceman Damian Haigh jailed for ‘enormous’ child porn stash

  • By David Barbeler
  • From: AAP
  • May 10, 2010 4:16PM

A FORMER Navy serviceman who downloaded more than 115,000 child pornography files on to his home computer has been sentenced to three years’ jail.

The Brisbane District Court on Wednesday heard that Damien John Haigh, 36, downloaded so many images and videos of child pornography that it would have been “physically impossible to look at all the files in detail”.

Haigh pleaded guilty to one count each of using a carriage to access child pornography material, using a carriage service to make child pornography material available, and possessing child exploitation material.

The “enormous” collection found on Haigh’s computer was so great that commonwealth prosecutor Kila Pedder told the court he had seen “no other comparable cases”.

Mr Pedder told the court that when police executed a search warrant for Haigh’s Boondall home on November 11, 2008, he made numerous admissions relating to the explicit material.

The court heard that Haigh, who had begun studying IT at university, finished serving in the Navy in 2005.

Defence lawyer Stewart Shearer told the court his client was a “withdrawn and socially inept” character who had become interested in child pornography after first stumbling upon it in adult pornography.

Mr Shearer argued that an overwhelming majority of the 115,692 files found on Haigh’s computer were classified under the least explicit category one, which consists of children posing naked.

However, the court heard Haigh also possessed much more explicit files, 54 of which were classified as category five, depicting children as young as 10 being subjected to bestiality and bondage.

Mr Shearer argued that a three-year head sentence would be appropriate because his client had not been charged with actually distributing material, but rather only making it available on the internet.

Judge David Searles said Haigh had not distributed child pornography, but his high level of downloads had aided the perpetuation of the “insidious trade”.

“The total number of images … is an enormous number by no stretch of the imagination,” he said.

“At one point it starts to lose its impact because there’s so much of it.”

Judge Searles agreed with the defence that a three-year head sentence, to be suspended after 12 months, was appropriate.