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Man jailed for raping 75-year-old

Published: 6:50 pm, Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Victorian man who raped a 75-year-old woman in her home has been jailed for 14 years for the cowardly and depraved crime.

Jason Jude D’Souza, 39, broke into the elderly woman’s home and attacked her, only saying ‘I have not been here’ when she told him she was having difficulty breathing.

Victorian County Court Judge Mark Dean said a message must be sent to the community that courts would protect the elderly, as he sentenced D’Souza to a minimum 10 years’ jail on Wednesday.

‘You must also be punished for what you have done and your cowardly, depraved conduct must be denounced by this court,’ he told D’Souza.

Judge Dean said D’Souza had shown no remorse and still denied raping the woman, who was deeply traumatised by what happened.

‘Her sense of trust and wellbeing has been irreparably harmed by what you did,’ he said.

‘She has not revealed what has happened to her to her own children, and no doubt continues to suffer from the effects of what you did.’

The court heard D’Souza suffered from depression and had been undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, with relatives reporting aggressive behaviour as a result.

One psychological report before the court said D’Souza had spiralled into a state of personal crisis due to his infertility and a failed relationship, and his offending towards his unwilling and vulnerable victim was an attempt to reinforce his sense of personal strength.

Judge Dean said he accepted D’Souza was experiencing some side effects of the therapy at the time of the October 2013 rape, and took that into account.

D’Souza will be placed on the sex offenders register for 15 years.

He was found guilty at trial of seven counts of rape, and one count each of indecent assault and aggravated burglary.

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Man upskirted 130 women, court told

Genevieve Gannon October 17, 2014, 6:11 pm

A man who upskirted more than 130 Victorian women would use his iPhone to take the photographs every time he had the opportunity.

Royce Tan, 27, of Surrey Hills, took photos of women in public, at his office and even at his church.

In January, he followed a woman into a supermarket and took photos up her skirt by placing his iPhone on the ground while pretending to look at items from a lower shelf as she selected boxes of cereal.

The woman confronted Tan and reported him to police, the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard.

A police search of his property uncovered images on his computer of 125 unknown victims and 11 who police were able to identify, including women from Tan’s work and his Planetshakers church.

Police prosecutor Angus Waldron said Tan would look at the images for his own gratification.

He said Tan, who pleaded guilty to 14 charges of upskirting, acted out of lust and opportunity.

“Every time he went out, if he had the opportunity, he would take pictures,” Mr Waldron told the court.

Defence lawyer Costas Kilias said Tan had been receiving treatment since 2010 after he was arrested for stealing women’s underwear.

“His position is that he is now a rehabilitation work in progress,” Mr Kilias said.

He said Tan’s fetish was for women’s underwear.

Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt said the behaviour was abhorrent.

He imposed a jail sentence of 40 days for one charge, which Tan has already served in pre-sentence detention, and ordered that Tan be assessed for community corrections orders on the remaining charges.


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Derek Rogers

Posted: August 14, 2014 by Serendipity in Victoria
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Vic man jailed for neighbours’ child abuse

Patrick CaruanaAugust 14, 2014, 4:31 pm

A Victorian man who sexually abused his neighbours’ daughters over a seven-year period has been jailed for more than eight years.

Derek Rogers, 64, started abusing the two girls in the early 1990s, when they were aged three and four, after his wife befriended their parents.

On one occasion, he assaulted one of the girls in his backyard swimming pool while others were present.

He also abused both girls in a cubby house, and continued to prey on them over a seven-year period.

Rogers pleaded guilty to sexual penetration of a child, indecent assault and indecent touching and was on Thursday sentenced to eight years and one month in jail.

Victorian County Court Judge Wendy Wilmoth said Rogers had abused the trust placed in him by the girls and their parents.

“You preyed upon their innocence and trust,” Judge Wilmoth said.

“You were brazen in your manipulation of the children, involving elements of grooming, and you intimidated them into silence.”

Rogers must serve six years in jail before becoming eligible for parole.


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16 Dec 2014 – 7:44pm

Vic pedophile priest to walk free in weeks

An 88-year-old Catholic priest who sexually abused an alter boy in Melbourne in the 1970s will walk free from jail within weeks, after successfully appealing the length of his sentence.

The now-retired priest, James Henry Scannell, had served 138 days of his two year sentence when the Victorian Court of Appeal reduced his jail time to 15 months, with 10 months of this suspended.

Scannell was found guilty of a single charge of buggery by a Victorian County Court jury in July, and he continues to deny committing the assault.

The joint ruling by Justices Mark Weinberg, Phillip Priest, Lex Lasry on Tuesday rejected Scannell’s bid to have his conviction overturned but did allow a reduction in his prison term.

Scannell’s was originally required him to serve at least 12 months before being eligible for parole.

Under the reduced sentence, he will be released within weeks.

Scannell committed the abuse during a sexual education lesson more than 40 years ago.

He was asked by a long-time friend and member of his East Kew parish to discuss puberty with the boy.

Instead, Scannell, wearing only a dressing gown, led the boy into his bedroom, stripped him naked and sexually abused him.

The victim came forward in 2010 when he learnt Scannell was to conduct his aunt’s funeral.

Victorian Catholic priest, 88, jailed for two years for raping boy

By court reporter Peta Carlyon

Thu 7 Aug 2014, 3:55pm

An 88-year-old Victorian Catholic priest has been sentenced to two years in jail for raping a boy more than 40 years ago.

James Scannell was convicted in the Victorian County Court of one charge of raping the 12-year-old while he was working in Kew in the early 1970s.

The court heard that Scannell had always denied the offence and had shown no remorse.

The priest suffered from a series of serious health problems, including a heart condition and cancer, the court heard.

Scannell joined the church as a Marist Brother in 1945 and served as a priest for almost 50 years, working in parishes around Melbourne, including Warburton, Brighton, Flemington and Geelong.

His lawyer told the court his client dedicated his life to serving the community and had set up an important education program for autistic children.

But Judge David Parsons said Scannell was guilty of a serious breach of trust and that he had no choice but to sentence the elderly priest to an immediate term of imprisonment.

Although Scannell was suspended last year, the church had yet to revoke his religious orders.

His credentials for working with children were only revoked last year.

Bernard Barrett, a representative from victims’ advocacy group Broken Rites, said Scannell’s victim had waited a long time for justice.

“The guilty parties covered this up all these years,” he said.

Dr Barrett said the conviction raised serious questions about whether the Melbourne Archdiocese knew about Scannell’s offending and what they would do in response to his jailing.

“[Scannell] has been a priest in the Melbourne Archdiocese for 50 years, including working with disabled children,” Dr Barrett said.

“Questions need to be asked of the Melbourne Archdiocese about how and why this sort of thing could have happened and how it’s taken all these years for it to come out.

“Why is it that victims always feel as though they must remain silent, when the offender is a priest or some sort of church person?

“He’s still listed in the current edition of the Annual Australian Catholic Directory, as Reverend Father Scannell, past or emeritus, a distinguished priest.”

Scannell will be eligible for parole in 12 months.


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Jennings - James Patrick - Photo

Age:  81  (2014)


Location:  Huon Valley / TAS  Bendigo / VIC


Offence:  Found guilty of five counts of indecent assault on three boys at St Vincent’s College in Bendigo in

the 1960s. He was cleared of a sixth indecent assault charge.


Sentence:  Sentenced to three years jail with two-and-a-half years of the term was suspended. Jennings has

already served 2 months while awaiting sentence & has 4 more months to serve. He is due for release in August 2014.


Other:  Jennings was a Catholic priest and dorm master at a Victorian boarding school. He had previously been on

trial for sexually assaulting boys at St Stanislaus’ Catholic College in Bathurst in central western NSW but was found

not guilty of all charges. Now lives in the Huon Valley in Tasmania.


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Police pose as girls to snare internet predator

July 7, 2011

A Victorian man engaged in sexually explicit internet chats with police officers posing as two teenage girls and arranged to meet them for sex, a court has heard.

Cameron Bruce Millard, 42, thought he was chatting to 13- and 14-year-old girls, and told them he wanted to have sex with them.

Millard arranged to meet them at suburban railway stations, but he did not show up for the meetings, prosecutor Robert Corr said.

During the conversations he asked the officers posing as girls about their breasts and masturbated in front of them on a webcam.

When one of them said she was a virgin, Millard replied: “Not for long”.

Millard was jailed in South Australia last year for inciting a child to perform an indecent act after an online conversation with a South Australian police officer posing as a girl.

That conversation took place around the same time as the Victorian one.

When Millard was paroled in South Australia after serving 10 months he was immediately re-arrested and extradited to Victoria.

Millard’s barrister Philip Skehan said his client had an intellectual disability and was effectively an “eight-year-old in a man’s body”.

He urged Judge Campton to place his client on a release order, which is similar to a suspended sentence.

Mr Corr said the fact that no child had suffered did not diminish the seriousness of the offending.

He said it was clear Millard knew what he was doing was illegal.

Millard, of Croydon, who pleaded guilty to two counts of using a carriage service to procure a child under 16 for sex, will be sentenced on August 5.

Man jailed for seducing girl, 13

  • From:AdelaideNow
  • September 28, 2010 6:09pm

A VICTORIAN man attempted to seduce a 13-year-old girl and travelled to Adelaide to meet her, but “chickened out”, a court has heard.

Cameron Bruce Millard, 41, of Melbourne pleaded guilty to one count of inciting an indecent act by a child.

In sentencing today, Judge Rosie Davey said Millard travelled to Adelaide but “chickened out” of meeting with the girl – actually an undercover police officer.

She said Millard had spoken with the intended victim using an internet chat program for about a month and planned the meeting as part of a trip to SA, where he also wanted to visit his infant son.

During those chats he performed indecent acts on himself and asked the intended victim do the same.

He also asked for a picture of the girl’s breasts.

On arrival in Adelaide he contacted the intended victim, but then made excuses to avoid the meeting.

Judge Davey said it was important to protect young people, particularly teenagers, using the internet.

“It is important that it is widely known in the community that the risk of being caught by police is very real,” Judge Davey said.

“It is important for the community to know that police officers are regularly conducting operations and engaging in chat room conversations.”

Judge Davey said Millard, a former Coles trolley collector, had an intellectual disability, but was aware what he was doing was wrong.

She said he was embarrassed and sorry for his actions.

Millard, who faced a maximum of 10 years in prison, was setenced to 7 months in custody. He has been in custody since his April arrest and will be eligible for release in a just over a month.

After his release, Millard plans to return to Victoria to care for his ill elderly mother.

Victorian tried to seduce ‘girl’ over internet

  • Sean Fewster, Court Reporter
  • From: AdelaideNow
  • August 13, 2010 2:16PM

A VICTORIAN man has admitted trying to seduce a South Australian girl for sex over the internet.

Cameron Bruce Millard, 41, of Croydon in Victoria, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today.

He pleaded guilty to one aggravated count of inciting an indecent act by a child.

Prosecutors had alleged that, beginning on March 15, Millard used the Yahoo Chat program to chat and exchange photos with a girl he thought was Claudia Williams, 13.

They said that, in April, he travelled to Adelaide to meet her.

That rendezvous never took place because “Claudia” was the alias of an undercover police officer.

Magistrate Maria Panagiotidis remanded Millard in custody to face the District Court next month.


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