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Bradley Seath Stranack

Posted: November 9, 2018 by Serendipity in Western Australia
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Age:  37  ( 2018 )

Location:  Perth   WA

Offence:   Found guilty after trial of the rape of a sleeping man in 2014, and two counts of sexually penetrating a child.

Sentence:  Sentenced to eight and a half years’ imprisonment, eligible for parole after six and a half years. His term was backdated to July 6 when he was taken into custody.

Other:   Used the profile name “CherryPicker” on the Grindr dating app.





Justin John Jerry Prowse, 22, jailed for four years for raping boy, 3, and filming abuse on mobile phone

  • by: Tony Keim
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • December 09, 2011 6:35AM

A MAN’S “appalling and disgraceful” rape of a three-year-old boy was only discovered when a video recording of the attack was discovered on his mobile phone, a court was told.

The Brisbane District Court was told Justin John Jerry Prowse, now aged 22, filmed himself raping and sexually abusing the toddler while babysitting him on three separate occasions between January 12 and 26 this year.

The court was told Prowse’s videos of the rape and molestation was only discovered when a female friend of his found the obscene film and then showed them to the toddler’s mum.

Prowse was yesterday jailed for four years after pleading guilty to 10 counts of indecent treatment of a child under 12, three of making child exploitation material, and one each of rape and possessing child pornography.

Prosecutor Caroline Marco said Prowse had known the child victim, via a friendship with the toddler’s mother, and on occasion was left to care for the boy.

She said Prowse was arrested when the video and still images of the abuse were found during a visit to another female friend’s home and was then referred to police.

The court was told the abuse footage, much of its contents too graphic to be published, involved Prowse coaxing the boy into a specific sexual act and then performing acts on the toddler.

Ms Marco said Prowse initially told police he had “never sexually abuse the complainant” child and could not explain the videos of himself sexually assaulting the toddler.

She said police, during a search of the Prowse’s work, also found two images of himself abusing the boy on a computer.

Judge Greg Koppenol, in sentencing Prowse, described the abuse as “appalling and disgraceful acts on a little three-year-old boy.”

“It is an example of disgraceful, appalling conduct toward a little three-year-old boy, done for your own sexual gratification,” Judge Koppenol said.

“(The abuse) all came to light after you stayed at a (female) friend’s place.

“She looked at your mobile phone … and referred (the matter) to the boy’s mother and ultimately police.”

The court was told the toddler’s father, upon learning of the abuse, inflicted his own form of “summary justice” on Prowse by giving him a broken nose.

“I can only conclude you (Prowse) photographed … your actions for your own sexual gratification (after the initial sexual abuse),” Judge Koppenol said.

“Our community strongly denounces appalling behaviour of this nature.”

Lawyers for Prowse argued the their client was an “immature and psychologically disabled man.”

It was also revealed psychological testing of Prowse revealed he had limited mental development, impaired speech, other associated mental heath problems and inability to understand sarcasm.

Judge Koppenol, in jailing Prowse for four years, ordered he be eligible for parole on April 3, next year.

The court was told Prowse had already served 309 days in pre-sentence custody.