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Location:  Unanderra NSW

Offence:  Pleaded guilty to two charges – inflicting actual bodily harm with intent to have sexual intercourse and having aggravated sexual intercourse without consent.

Sentence: Jailed for at least five years, despite suffering from chronic ill-health. He will be eligible to apply for release on parole in August 2022.








Lester ‘Sooty’ Mills has been sentenced in Wollongong District Court to almost three years jail. He will be required to serve half his sentence before he is eligible for release on parole in October 2018.

Former Fourth Reich bikie Lester Mills confesses to sexual abuse of underage girl

Shannon Tonkin
1 May 2017, 5:55 p.m.

A Brownsville man who indecently assaulted an underage girl at his home in 2015 has been identified in court as Lester ‘Sooty’ Mills, a convicted paedophile and former member of the Fourth Reich outlaw motorcycle gang.

Mills, a long time associate of the Albion Park-based club, touched the girl’s genitals then video-taped her in her school uniform one afternoon in September 2015 when she was at his house with a family member.

He also put $100 on the kitchen table and told the girl he’d give it to her if she came back to the house on another day and “stayed for an hour”.

The girl disclosed the incident to her family that afternoon and the incident was reported to police. Mills was arrested and charged the following day.

His criminal history reveals it was the second time Mills had abused underage children. In the early 2000s, he was sentenced to three years’ jail for similar offences against a child under the age of 10.

Meantime, a month after Mills’ 2015 arrest, specialist police carried out a controversial raid on the Fourth Reich’s Albion Park headquarters during a charity bike show in which officers were recorded telling people they were supporting a club that “has members that sexually assault kids”.

Club lawyer Bill Whitby confirmed that the club had stripped Mills of his membership after the 2015 charges were laid.

Mills had been due to stand trial on those charges in Wollongong District Court this week, however entered pleas of guilty on Monday morning.

He did not oppose a Crown application to revoke his bail, with his lawyer saying her client conceded he would be facing full-time prison when he is sentenced on July 7.




Forbes – Mark Robert - Photo

Former Albion Park teacher Mark Robert Forbes jailed 11 years for child sex abuse


Oct. 21, 2014, 3 p.m.

The mother of two young girls molested by Albion Park Public School assistant principal Mark Forbes says she hopes his lengthy jail term gives him time to reflect on his crimes.

Forbes, 53, was accused of inappropriately touching the girls’ genitals at his Keiraville home in March this year, but repeatedly denied the allegations and elected to take the case to trial.

However a 12-person jury ultimately failed to believe his claims of innocence, finding him guilty of five charges of aggravated indecent assault of a child and one charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child following a five-day hearing in June.

On Tuesday, Forbes was sentenced to a maximum 11 years’ jail, with a non-parole period of five-and-a-half years.

Outside the courtroom, the children’s relieved mother said she hoped the sentence was long enough for him to be rehabilitated, but also expressed frustration that he had not admitted to the assaults, let alone shown any hint of remorse.

“I’m upset he hasn’t shown any remorse,” she said, noting Forbes displayed no emotion throughout earlier court proceedings, or when the sentence was read out.

“He’s been like a block of wood.

“I just hope the sentence is long enough for him to admit he committed the crimes.”

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had previously told the court of the devastating impact of Forbes’ conduct on her daughters, as well as the family as a whole.

“The incident has shaken our sense of trust in people,” she said at the time.

“If you can’t trust an assistant primary school principal who can you trust with your children?”

On Tuesday she said she hoped her daughters’ case demonstrated the importance of victims speaking up early.

“It’s so important for victims to report abuse as soon as possible,” she said.

“This gives police the best chance to recover evidence, [and] denies the perpetrator power.”

In Forbes’ case, the siblings went to his now ex-wife with their complaints almost immediately, and she reported the matter to police.

In handing down the sentence, presiding Judge Mark Marien described Forbes’ conduct as “extremely serious”, saying his actions constitued a considerable breach of trust.

“It’s the primary purpose of criminal law to protect the community, most particularly the most vulnerable in our community,” he said.

“Children, especially of such tender years, are particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation by adults.

“I’m satisfied the offending had a serius, ongoing affect on both victims, [especially] the youngest child.”

Judge Marien said he was unable to assess Forbes’ prospects of rehabilitation due to a lack of evidence before the court.

With time already served, Forbes will be eligible for release to parole in April 2019.



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Dennis Raymond Walker - Photo3

Albion Park child-sex offender ‘struggling’ in prison


Oct. 1, 2014, 10 p.m.

An Albion Park man who sexually assaulted a child and later threatened to shoot her parents if she told anyone will learn his fate next month.

A jury took just two hours to convict Dennis Raymond Walker of four counts of sexual intercourse with a child under 10 and one count of indecent assault during a trial held in April this year.

In a sentence hearing in the district court in Sutherland on Wednesday, Walker told the court he was having a hard time in jail due to various health problems, which included depression, an enlarged prostate and osteoarthritis.

He said because he was in protective custody – as are all offenders involved in sexual offences against children – he received reduced time out of his cell compared to other inmates.

“At the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre we’re allowed out 18 hours in seven days,” he said, adding other inmates were allowed outside all day.

Walker’s adult daughter, Nicole, told the court she’d seen her father deteriorate mentally and physically since being put behind bars.

Walker, who was supported in court by his family, will be sentenced on November 7.


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Program triggered child porn relapse: court


29 Oct, 2010 01:00 AM

A convicted sex offender caught with almost 70,000 child pornography images – some depicting bestiality and sadism – was inspired by treatment to reoffend, a court has heard.

John Douglas Street, 42, was given a two-year good behaviour bond and ordered to complete a sexual offenders treatment program, after having been convicted of possessing child porn in 2005.

This was after Street was convicted in 1991 of maliciously inflicting actual bodily harm on his ex-partner in an attempt to have sexual intercourse with her.

Yesterday, Wollongong District Court heard that the court-ordered program seemed to have the opposite effect on the Fairy Meadow man, whose curiosity and libido were aroused by hearing the fantasies of other offenders during group therapy sessions.

Within months of completing the program in 2006, Street resumed accessing child porn – this time expanding his tastes to include images of even younger children.

Street was arrested on February 12, this year, after Australian Federal Police received a tip-off from United States authorities and searched the man’s home, the court heard.

There they found a desktop computer, external hard drive, hard disk drive, two thumb drives and various CDs and DVDs containing a total of 67,086 child pornography images.

According to facts before the court, Street traded the images and videos using MSN messenger and file-sharing programs.

He was charged with, and admitted to, two counts of using a carriage service to make child porn available, one count of using a carriage service to access child porn and four counts of possession.

Unlike in 2005, Street promised this time to have a better attitude towards a sexual offenders treatment program, telling the court he did not want to reoffend and end up back in jail.

Judge Paul Conlon subsequently sentenced Street to a minimum three years’ jail for the offences. He will be eligible for release on February 12, 2013.

Security officer pleads guilty to child porn charge

Posted Wed Mar 30, 2005 12:30pm AEST

A 37-year-old security officer has pleaded guilty in Wollongong Local Court to one charge of possessing child pornography.

John Douglas Street of Fairy Meadow was arrested earlier this month after technicians fixing his computer found the images and tipped off police.

Police facts tendered to the court alleged he downloaded photos and video clips from a website depicting pre-teen children in compromising situations.

According to the facts, Street also confessed to having a problem with children and is open to the idea of receiving treatment.

He is due to be sentenced on May 11.


Schipp – Murray Joseph - Photo.

Murray Schipp’s sex assault appeal fails


22 Apr, 2011 04:00 AM

Convicted sex offender Murray Schipp’s bid for freedom over a series of aggravated indecent assault charges has failed.

The Illawarra amateur actor was taken into custody yesterday for the second time after convictions were confirmed in an all-grounds appeal in Wollongong District Court.

Schipp was appealing against the decision and penalty given by magistrate Michael Stoddart last year, finding him guilty of indecently assaulting four teenage girls.

Judge Paul Conlon yesterday described the Crown case against Schipp as “overwhelming” despite the fact he had a clean record.

Judge Conlon remanded Schipp until the severity component of the appeal was decided because he said “jail was inevitable”.

Schipp, 50, formerly of Wollongong and Port Kembla, was convicted in October of several counts of aggravated indecent assault as well as one count each of common assault and aggravated indecency.

The convictions relate to incidents when Schipp indecently touched five girls who stayed at his home between January 2007 and June 2009.

He was sentenced to four years with a non-parole period of two years.

Schipp initially denied all charges but later pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting one of the girls in March 2009, saying he was under the influence of cocaine at the time.

His barrister April Francis earlier argued there was a degree of concoction and interference between the complainants, claiming the girls fabricated their stories about the assaults after hearing another complainant’s allegation.

She also raised inconsistencies with the complainants and other witnesses’ evidence about the incidents.

Judge Conlon yesterday said he read the transcripts and viewed recordings of their evidence several times.

“Like the magistrate, on my examination of the evidence, I have to rule out concoction between the complainants,” he said.

He said in cases like this it was rare for there not to be differences and inconsistencies in evidence “but in this case these are rather insignificant”.

Schipp’s previous good character and clean record were also raised in the defence argument.

“The court is entitled to take this into account because it may make it more likely the accused is telling the truth, if the court gives it such weight,” Judge Conlon said.

However, he said it was not a defence because people did commit crimes for the first time despite previous good character.

Schipp has already spent two weeks in custody in relation to the charges.

The severity component of the appeal was put over for a date to be set.


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Devout Christian jailed on child porn charges


22 Dec, 2009 08:42 AM

To those who knew him, Martin Paul Nichols was a devout Christian, a respected member of his church and a doting son.

But behind closed doors, the 50-year-old bachelor hid a dark secret – a collection of more than 500 photographs and videos of children.

He had bought the images via clandestine websites operating overseas. Many were later assessed by police as sexually explicit and in the worst category.

It was a large-scale government investigation thousands of kilometres away in the former Soviet satellite of Belarus that finally exposed Nichols and his activity in the international child pornography trade.

In Wollongong Local Court yesterday, Magistrate Michael Stoddard sentenced Nichols to nine months’ jail – one of the longest sentences handed down by a magistrate in the Illawarra for a person convicted of possessing child pornography. Mr Stoddard ordered he serve a minimum of six months behind bars.

Nichols, of Madigan Boulevard, Mt Warrigal, had pleaded guilty to the charge.

Mr Stoddard described Nichols’ behaviour as any thing other than Christian, telling him: “People who pay for this sort of material on the internet are contributing to the abuse of children around the world and the need for general deterrence is an important aspect of sentencing in this matter. I am told you are a devout Christian, but your behaviour in my view was certainly un-Christian.”

In June 2007, the High-Tech Crime Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Belarus launched Operation Tornado, which subsequently identified more than 200 commercial websites sexually exploiting children on a commercial basis.

Investigations led to the arrest of three criminals operating a major international syndicate and, in January last year, the identification of more than 61,000 credit card numbers and user accounts. More than 1500 of those belonged to Australian-based customers.

Nichols’ credit card details were passed on to Lake Illawarra detectives in March this year.

On May 5, police went to his home and seized a computer hard drive containing 500 photographs and 25 short videos. On September 23, he was formally charged.

Mr Stoddard said about 70 of the images and all of the videos had been assessed by detectives using an internationally accepted scale as being in the worst category.

Earlier, defence solicitor Neil McCarthy made an unsuccessful application to have the court either suppress Nichols’ identity or to have the court closed to the public.

“There is a climate in this country about paedophilia and (child) pornography which can motivate the community to engage in extrajudicial forms of punishment if his name is published,” Mr McCarthy said.

Mr Stoddard ordered Nichols to serve a minimum of six months’ jail.

Yesterday afternoon, Nichols was granted bail after lodging an appeal.

The appeal is expected to be heard in Wollongong District Court on February 1.

On appeal Nichols walked free from Wollongong District Court without serving any jail time.

Judge PaulConlon instead imposed a one-year suspended jail sentence.


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