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Wife catches husband with sick child abuse material

Richard Noone, Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate

March 21, 2017 9:35am

A FORMER IBM worker of 40 years was given an eight-month suspended jail sentence last week after his wife caught him reading a website containing stories about bestiality, incest and sex with children.

Noel Ross Cawthorne, of Tumbi Umbi, was in his back shed in 2015 looking at computers when his wife went to check on him.

The 66-year-old quickly minimised the screen but his suspicious wife took note of the web address which she later punched into Google on her phone.

She was shocked to discover the vile contents of the website and the following day she sprung him again in the back shed, this time with a text document open.

Facts tendered to Wyong Local Court revealed she read the document and “saw it was a story about having sex with a five-year-old child”.

When she confronted him about the filth he said, “I have just been looking at porn to help get interested” before leaving the house.

His wife rang police who attended the house about 10.30am on March 4 where she gave them permission to seize computer equipment including an IBM ThinkPad laptop, an IBM ThinkCentre PC and memory drives.

After extensive forensic analysis by the Police State Electronic Evidence Branch, officers uncovered 31 literature files of child abuse material on the laptop including one story rated a “category five” in the Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS) scale.

Material classified as category five includes stories, picture or video depicting sadism, bestiality, and sexual imagery involving pain, humiliation or animals.

The PC contained 26 literature files including 22 classified as “category four” on the CETS scale (sexual assault of children).

Police also found 39 literature files on a USB stick and 37 on an external hard drive.

Cawthorne, who was listed in police facts as having “thorough knowledge of computers, working for IBM for over 40 years”, pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing child abuse material.

The prosecution conceded a lot of the literature files were duplicated across the devices.

Cawthorne was given an eight-month suspended jail sentence when he appeared in court last Wednesday and was ordered to be of good behaviour.



Kwai Newman - Photo2.

Man sentenced to five years jail after using pet lizard to lure boy

Wed 22 Oct 2014, 2:47pm

A man who used a pet lizard to lure a young boy to his Central Coast home has been sentenced to five years jail.

Kwai Newman has been convicted of four charges relating to an incident in November 2012, when he lured a nine-year-old boy back to his home at the Entrance and trapped him there for the night.

The offences include possessing child abuse material and detaining a person with intention to take advantage.

In Gosford District Court, Newman has been sentenced to a total of five years behind bars, with a non-parole period of two years and nine months.

He will be eligible for parole next August due to time already served.

There is also an order that he be supervised in relation to sexual offending.


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Thomas Gerald Keady – died 25th Oct, 2012 at the McKay Nursing Home, Tamworth.   Aged 85

Mother of abuse victim calls for inquiry into church

Date July 9, 2012

Joanne Mccarthy

A WOMAN whose son was sexually assaulted by a Catholic teacher in the 1970s has disputed a Christian Brothers version of its handling of the matter and backed calls for a Royal Commission into child sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

The woman denied contact with Brother Anthony Peter Whelan, the principal of St Patrick’s College, Sutherland, in 1978 after her son, then 13, told Brother Whelan he was sexually assaulted by a teacher, Thomas Keady. The woman disputed assertions by the Christian Brothers last week that Brother Whelan had talked with parents about the Keady allegations, saying ”we had no liaison with him whatsoever”.

Her account also contradicted Brother Whelan’s signed statement to a church-commissioned investigator in November 2010 that he advised students to inform their parents because they ”had the right to take the matter up with the police”.

The woman’s son, now 46, of Sydney, told the Herald he intended to lodge a formal complaint with the NSW Police concerning Brother Whelan’s failure to report the matter. ”I expressly remember I was called into his office out of class and questioned,” he said. ”The first question was ‘Does anyone know about this?’ and ‘Have you told your parents?’

”I was very uneasy because, how could I have told my parents because of the trust they had for him? I remember thinking ‘I can’t tell mum and dad about this’, so I told Whelan ‘no’.”

He alleged Brother Whelan said: ”Well, leave it with us. I’ll look into the matter.”

Brother Whelan sacked Keady after the allegations were raised but did not contact police, an investigation by the former NSW police assistant commissioner Norm Maroney found. Mr Maroney’s report was handed to the Christian Brothers last August.

The Christian Brothers prematurely stopped Mr Maroney’s investigation of a complaint by a Salt Ash man, Robert Lipari, against Keady and Brother Whelan, after substantiating allegations that Keady sexually assaulted Mr Lipari in 1976 when he was 11.

Mr Maroney recorded an ”incomplete investigation” finding to an allegation Mr Lipari told Brother Whelan that Keady had sexually assaulted him.

In his signed statement, Brother Whelan said he had ”absolutely no knowledge” that Keady was convicted of a child sex offence before he was employed.

Brother Whelan said he was also unaware if an employment check on Keady was made before he was employed in 1966 because he did not work at the school at that time.

After Keady was sacked, he was convicted at Wyong Local Court of a further child sex offence in 1994.

The mother who denied any contact with Brother Whelan over her son’s sexual assault said that revelations about church failures to report allegations to police, including allegations that were raised in the ABC’s Four Corners report last week and about her son’s former school, made her ”very angry”.

”I grew up in a very Catholic family. I’d like to see it all brought out into the open and justice done, and if there needs to be a Royal Commission to do that, then that’s what should happen,” she said.

The Christian Brothers had no comment.

At mass at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney yesterday, Bishop Julian Porteous offered prayers for the victims of abuse by priests.