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Online child porn sting catches out Farmborough Heights ‘lovinggrandpa’


Sept. 30, 2014, 10:09 p.m.

He was a 62-year-old architect with a penchant for child pornography and sexual fantasies surrounding incest.

She was a 37-year-old who apparently shared the same interests.

They met on a online networking site, but soon got to exchanging their sordid pictures and fantasy stories by private chat.

It seemed like the perfect match.

Except, it wasn’t.

She was a he – an undercover police officer, posing as a female internet user in order to catch the likes of Lindsay Graeme Everingham.

Everingham first made contact with the undercover officer, part of the State Crime Command’s Child Exploitation Internet Unit, on September 9, using the online profile ‘‘lovinggrandpa’’.

The pair engaged in conversation, which was later transferred to the private chat application Yahoo Messenger.

Everingham told his confidant on September 11 that he had sexually abused his daughter and granddaughter (claims that were later found to be false), describing his apparent conduct for the woman in great detail.

He also sent her two pictures purporting to be the pair.

A week later, police raided Everingham’s Farmborough Heights home, seizing his computer for forensic examination.

During a subsequent interview with investigating officers, Everingham made several confessions including using websites to access child porn videos, making up an incest fantasy involving a daughter and granddaughter and engaging in dozens of online chats of a sexual nature surrounding children for the purpose of sexual gratification.

A forensic sweep of his computer uncovered 160 images of child abuse, of which 41 were classified in the second and third highest categories for such material.

In court on Tuesday, Judge Paul Conlon said despite the serious nature of the offences, Everingham’s conduct fell towards the lower end of the scale for these types of offences, noting the small number of images involved (compared with other such cases) and the limited audience.

A psychologist’s report said Everingham, who has been married for 40 years, was an introverted person who suffered from life-long anxiety and would often regress into fantasy worlds to cope with his normal life.

The psychologist said Everingham had gained insight into his behaviour during  treatment sessions and was ashamed and embarrassed by his actions.

Judge Conlon accepted that Everingham was taking responsibility for his  rehabilitation and agreed to suspend his 18-month prison sentence to allow him to continue seeking treatment.

Everingham was supported in court by his wife.



Sex predators jailed after online sting by police

  • Tony Keim
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • November 19, 2010 10:55PM

A BRISBANE pharmacist and an entertainment manager are both behind bars after grooming a sexually inexperienced 14-year-old girl over the internet who was actually a male police officer.

A District Court jury deliberated almost a day before this afternoon finding 60-year-old pharmacist Kenneth Leslie Sternes guilty of using a carriage service, the internet, to groom a person under 16 and eight of using the internet to expose a child under 16 to indecent material between January 7 and February 25 last year.

At the same time entertainment manager and part-time radio announcer Christopher Francis Costello, 50, was before another court several rooms away being sentenced to 2¼ years’ jail after a Brisbane jury in July found him guilty of similar offences between January 19 and February 16, last year.

In both cases the men were chatting with the same male police officer posing as “Cassie” in computer internet chatrooms.

“Cassie” who was in fact an officer for the Queensland Police Service’s Crime Operations Command Taskforce Argos described herself in her internet profile as a sexually inexperienced 14-year-old girl living with her mother at Browns Plains.

Commonwealth prosecutors, in both cases, said the men started corresponding with “Cassie” – who used the internet username “cassiedaluvbug” – in a Yahoo Messenger internet chat room and later continued communicating with via MSN Messenger.

Prosecutor Deb Mayall, in opening the case against Sternes this week, said the pharmacist went by the computer nickname “aussiejimmy3” and asked “Cassie” for her mobile number, questions of a sexual nature and whether she was sexually experienced and interested in boys.

She said during internet chats and messages Sternes encouraged “Cassie” to pleasure herself sexually, not tell her mother of their chat exchanges, asking to meet her for sexual encounters and if she considered him to be her boyfriend.

Sternes also sent the “girl” photos and videos of his exposed penis and of himself masturbating on eight occasions.

Ms Mayall said during internet chats Sternes asked the girl “if she had boobs or hair down there” and even “offered to educate” her on matters of a sexual nature.

Sternes has been remanded in custody for sentencing on a date to be fixed.

In July, the Commonwealth prosecutor Glenn Rice revealed Costello spent 13-hours sending messages to “Cassie” and sent “her” photographic images of himself shaving his pubic hair and masturbating.

Costello had been the holder of a Blue Card – a government permit which allowed him to work or volunteer with children.

Judge David Reid today jailed Costello for 27 months, but ordered he be eligible for release from September 10 next year.



Location:  Gold Coast  /  QLD

Offence:  Pleaded guilty in the Southport District Court to two counts of using an electronic device to procure

a child under 16.

Sentence:  12-month suspended jail sentence.

Other:  Chatted with a undercover police officer believing that it was a 13-year-old schoolgirl on Yahoo Messenger

and asked her to perform a sexual act on herself.


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Byrne has been ordered to pay the $5000 fine for failing to comply with reporting conditions in Mackay Magistrates Court .

Kid porn ‘addict’ had 3000 photos

Lea Emery | 16th May 2012 6:36 AM

A SELF-DESCRIBED child porn addict and “boy lover” will spend the next nine months behind bars after admitting to possessing more than 3000 child porn images and 90 videos.

Clifford John Byrne, 50, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Supreme Court yesterday to three counts of using a carriage service to access child pornography, one count of using a carriage service to transmit child pornography, and possessing child pornography.

Prosecutor Jessica Williams said police raided Byrne’s Walkervale home in September 2010 and found 3246 child pornography images and 94 videos depicting child porn on a computer tower, external hard drive and 32 CDs.

Ms Williams said the images had been downloaded between March 2005 and August 2010.

The court was told the images contained pictures of children, mostly boys, aged between three and 15 – either naked or engaged in sex acts, including bondage-type activities.

“(Byrne) describes himself as a ‘boy lover’,” Ms Williams said.

“He said he does not want to do anything with them.”

Ms Williams said 64 images were sent onto other parties using the peer-to-peer file sharing facilities in Yahoo Messenger.

The court heard of those 64 images, 13 were categorised in the two most exploitative categories.

Byrne was convicted in 2006 of possessing about 11,000 child pornography images.

Defence lawyer Jakub Lodziack said the defendant had been trying to seek help for his problem, but had difficulties finding a counsellor who would help.

Mr Lodziack said Byrne had found one counsellor who was willing to help him, but he had to stop going because he could not afford to get to the appointments in Hervey Bay.

“My client instructs that he has been diagnosed with depression and suffered from suicidal thoughts since being charged,” he said.

Mr Lodziack said Byrne claimed he had not viewed child porn since his latest arrest.

Justice Duncan McMeekin sentenced Byrne to 27 months imprisonment, to be released after nine months.

Justice McMeekin ordered Byrne serve 24 months on probation after being released.

Byrne will also be subject to a suspended sentence for two years after his release.


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