Philip William Doyle

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These photos were taken in the early 1990s.



This message was left on the “About” post & I have copied it here. Please take time to listen.

Hi there,
I am a victim of Child sexual abuse. Last Saturday evening I was invited to be the guest speaker at the bi-annual Bravehearts Police Charity Ball. I gave a speech which essentially told my story…yet left a message of hope and encouragement to the sea of silent victims out there. I have now posted the video of this on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. My aim is to get this message of encouragement and hope out to as many victims of Child Sexual Abuse as possible to help bring about more awareness of CSA and create as much change for good as possible from what was a very bad time. Please help by sharing amongst your family, friends and colleagues.



The Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed an appeal against conviction brought by 

Philip Doyle and upheld a Crown appeal against sentence. The Court of Criminal 

Appeal re-sentenced Doyle to a term of 9 years’imprisonment with a non-parole 

period of 6 years and 6 months. The earliest date that Mr Doyle will be eligible for 

parole is 3rd January 2019.

Tougher sentence sought for cinema paedophile

By court reporter Jamelle Wells

Updated Tue Sep 4, 2012 1:51pm AEST

Prosecutors are calling for a longer jail sentence for a former Sydney cinema owner convicted of 38 child sex offences.

In July, a jury found Philip Doyle, 69, guilty of offences against five boys aged under 16 between 1980 and 2003 and he was sentenced to seven years’ jail.

The court heard the offences occurred in a projection room, in cinema toilets, in the candy bar store room and when Doyle drove some of his victims home or took them to his unit.

He was a charming man, able to influence boys and was able to get on well with their parents.

District Court Judge Greg Woods

During his sentencing, District Court Judge Greg Woods said Doyle used his position of authority to groom and assault his victims.

“‘He was a charming man, able to influence boys and was able to get on well with their parents,” he said.

Doyle, from Sans Souci in Sydney’s south, was given the sentence with a non-parole period of four-and-a-half years, meaning he could be eligible for parole in 2017.

He was acquitted of 21 charges involving two other boys in another trial.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Lloyd Babb SC, has directed that there be an appeal against the inadequacy of the sentence.

The matter is back in court later this month.

Ex-cinema owner on 26 sex charges

September 17, 2009

A former owner of several movie theatres has appeared in court charged with dozens of sex offences against males over three decades in Sydney’s south.

Philip Doyle, 66, appeared at Sutherland Local Court today on a total of 26 indecent and sexual assault offences.

He was arrested in August at his Sans Souci address, in Sydney’s south, as Strike Force Beantree investigated child sex offences that allegedly occurred from the 1960s through to the 1990s.

At that time, Doyle operated a series of privately-owned cinemas in southern Sydney.

Detectives say more alleged victims have come forward since his arrest in August.

His charges include two counts of buggery, two counts of indecent acts with a male, 17 counts of indecent assault on a male, and five counts of soliciting a male to commit an indecent act.

Doyle was granted bail to appear at Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court on November 24.


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  1. Kevin Whitley says:

    I’m a victim and along with 6 other victims we put in a lot of effort to get this grub behind bars. 41/2 years is nowhere near enough time for the lifelong sentences this creep has inflicted on his victims. Keep up the good work man.

  2. Mark Lawrence says:

    My Name is Mark Lawrence I am a Victim of these man as well,I can say this because I have well released my name from media suppression this is my story and why I love your work,anyone who touches a Child should hang fullstop this is why…..I couldn’t or the media couldn’t report this case for years,Brother I was the 1st to report this on 19/01/1999 thats right,13 years ago.It was heavily investigated and I got a phone call in 2000 sayin sorry DPP has dropped all charges(1 on 1 not enough evidence),told forget about it ha,so March 2008 case re-opened new victim out of the blue,types in Doyles name and bam 19/01/1999 pops up,this bastard started doing this in the 60’s,7 victims over 100 charges to start with,then got bargained off,in end 61 charges 7 victims,ha his got money above the law,tried to split 7 victims into 7 trials,he got me and 4 victims 38 charges/2 victims 23 serious charges,I went to trial last year 4/09/2111 took the stand and got absolutely smashed by he’s Defense,he had 3 Queens Councils,1 Winston Terracini ha google the prick,2 and a half days I was smashed 8 week trial,7 day deliberation for a hung Jury Mis – trial Yeah Thats Right Brother,then he goes early this year for 2 victims/23 charges case,gets found not guilty,then May my re trial starts BASTARD GOT FOUND GUILTY all 38 charges,I read out a 45 min Victim Inpact Statement to an full overflowing open court,cause that the way I wanted it,I had the whole court,full blown coppers QC’s everyone balding their asses out,and the bastard all charges added up to nearly and over 100 years and the prick get 4.5 years,I am not pissed,cause I have helped the cause and many people thats healing,the exposure for him is a bonus 🙂

  3. Serendipity says:

    Kevin & Mark, Thank you both for standing up & speaking out. I have read your story & would like you to put a link up to it as I’m sure others would gain strength from reading it as I have. My email is if you would like to pass any info on or if you would like me to keep updated if I find anything further on him. – Seren

    • Kevin Whitley says:

      I sent the letter below to Ray Hadley on Sunday evening 26th August this year after Doyle received his pathetically inadequate sentence on Friday 24th August. The letter describes my story. Ray was all over the story on the Monday morning on his radio show and got the Premier on the phone and interviewed both Mark and I. Thankfully, as you know, the DPP has now stepped in and appealed the leniency of the sentence. We all wait with baited breath and hope that a more substantial sentence will be handed down.

      Hello Ray,
      I thought you may be interested to know that a serial pedophile, recently convicted of 38 charges of sexual assault against five boys, now men, was sentenced last Friday in the District Court. The offences happened between 1980 and 2003 on victims aged 13 to 16. The perpetrator’s name is Philip William Doyle. Until sentencing was handed down, there was a non publication order in place on his name and the names of all victims. I and another victim applied to the the court to have the non publication orders on our names lifted so we can tell our story and expose how prolific this scourge is in our society. Judge justice Woods granted this request. He also lifted the non publication order on Doyle’s name.

      A little background on Doyle. Doyle is currently 69 years of age and thoughout his life, owned and/or operated movie theatres. These were the Mecca theatre at Oatley from about 1963 to 1966, the Mecca theatre at Kogarah from about 1966 to the early 2000’s and the Mecca Savoy theatre at Hurstville. Doyle ran these theatres utilising children and teenagers as his staff and made a small fortune off their backs. During the Kogarah Mecca’s days he also produced numerous pantomimes at the theatre in which all of the cast were young children. These pantomimes ran during school holidays. Doyle as such surrounded himself with plenty of fodder from which he could choose and groom his victims.

      I first met Doyle when I was about 8 years old at Oatley and soon began working for him at the Oatley Mecca. Doyle at the time was about 19. This is where the grooming and assaults started. I don’t know for sure, but I may well have been his first victim. I continued working for Doyle and being assaulted until I was about 17 years of age. I managed to break free of him at this time in about 1970 and kept my dark past a secret, for nearly 50 years.

      I decided to bring Doyle to justice in March 2008 after my parents had passed away. I went to Hurstville Police station to report the assaults. This started a chain reaction as police investigated my claims and statement and more victims were found. There were actually nine victims that admitted they were assaulted by Doyle, however two declined to provide a statement and prosecute Doyle, leaving seven victims prepared to give evidence in court.

      Doyle was arrested and charged on 25th August 2009 nearly three years ago to the day. It’s been a long and difficult journey bringing this grub to justice. It was my hope that the courts would deliver a sentence befitting his crimes. This wasn’t to be the case!

      As a result of a decision made by the Crown, for reasons I can disclose at a later time, Doyle was prosecuted in two separate trials. The first trial involving myself and another victim, was heard in April this year. There were 21 charges against Doyle in this trial. Unbelievably, the jury did not accept that the Crown proved his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt despite very strong evidence and acquitted him. This was a gut-wrenching blow to both myself and the other victim in this trial after the decades of torment we had both endured and the emotional roller coaster of reliving past events that had been previously so tightly locked away throughout the investigation and trial.

      The second trial involving the other five victims and 38 charges commenced immediately after my trial. This is the trial in which Doyle has been found guilty of all 38 charges and was sentenced last Friday.

      It is a bitter-sweet pill that Doyle was found guilty of all charges in this trial. I had hoped that the court would deliver a sentence that would ensure that Doyle could never be released and re-offend. This wasn’t to be. Despite being found guilty of all 38 charges, most of which carried sentence maximums ranging from two to ten years, Doyle’s time behind bars will be a maximum of only seven years and as little as four and a half years. He could potentially be back on the streets again in his early seventies. I am convinced that serial paedophiles are irredeemable and even in his early seventies, he is likely to reoffend.

      My objective in going to the police in the first place has been achieved…at least in part. He has been exposed, a number of other victims like I, have now had the opportunity to tell their story and begin healing, and he is now off the streets and can no longer offend, albeit for a short amount of time. My objective however was not achieved in the way I’d hoped, given that he ‘slipped’ out of the charges in my trial. This means that I cannot publicly state that Doyle raped nor sexually assaulted me, nor could I stand up in court and read a victim impact statement, as under our legal system, he has been acquitted of these charges.

      I can however talk about the sequence of events that led to his arrest, investigation and downfall and can also talk about my trial in which he was acquitted as well as this current trial in which he was convicted. It is my intention to do so in order to expose this man in the hope that more of Doyle’s victims…and I know there are many more out there…will come forward and help keep this man behind bars indefinitely. I also hope that this victory will provide victims of other predators the courage to come forward and expose their own perpetrators.

      Ray, I listen to your show regularly and I know you are a strong advocate of tougher sentences for pedophiles, so it is my hope that you can publicise this matter and help raise awareness and get the story out there. If so, I am happy for you to use my name if you choose, however I ask that you are cognisant of my legal position in relation to Doyle’s acquittal in my trial.

      Finally Ray, I know you have interviewed Sascha Chandler many times. I’ve met him on a number of occasions and shared a few beers. He’s a brave and inspiring man and has been a wonderful support for me during my journey. I hope I can build on his lead.

      Best regards,

    • Mark Lawrence says:

      Dear Seren,
      Thank you so much for your work and commitment,the Appeal went for another mention thats the 5th so far for another hand over,next is 22/11/2112.And I know for a fact that Doyle is Appealing his conviction as well,I will e-mail stuff to do with the case,including my VIS ,I don’t mind at all,I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of anymore,it took me personally 13 years to get this Grub locked up,but its going to be a long year next year,I just want this to finally end,it has taken a huge toll on me,but I am doing this to help other Victims,that keeps me going and healing,helping others is all I want to do,once again,I can’t Thank You enough,I keep you posted cheers

  4. Sydneyite says:

    Any update?

  5. Serendipity says:

    Good to hear the appeal was dismissed. Any idea when his parole will be due now? Thanks again for letting us know.

  6. […] conjured up stories of Hurstville’s own Mecca. In their later years, both theatres shared an owner who named them both Mecca for the sake of uniformity, and that’s all I’d care to say […]

  7. AW says:

    PD’s appeal to the High Court schedule for hearing on Friday 12th September in Sydney

  8. AW says:

    Application for leave to appeal refused! Justice.

  9. […] As I mentioned earlier, it seemed like the staff just walked out one day in the middle of work. There had been no effort to clean up the place or to scale it back, like if they’d closed for financial reasons and were preparing to sell. So what had actually happened? The truth is horrific. […]

  10. Smith & Wesson says:

    It looks like this sick maggot will be spending some more time behind bars!
    I can only hope he suffers greatly!

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